We offer services such as

General Counselling

Management of Grief and Loss

Family/Whanau Facilitation meetings

Child and/or family counselling

Supervision and Consultation

Couple’s Counselling

Self-esteem and personal development

Group support and Education Programmes : Solo parents, Blended families, Young mothers

Protected Persons Programme Adult/Child

Supervised Contact (MOJ & MSD Approved)

Court approved Relationship Counseling

Employee Assistance Programmes

Social Work: Oranga Tamariki referrals e.g. family monitoring, support for children in non-kin placement

Non crisis Domestic violence Intervention

ACC (Sensitive Claims)

Therapies we use

Sand play Therapy: the use of symbols to help children as well as adults process their experience

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: is goal oriented and looks at the way we think and how it affects our emotions

Narrative Therapy: re-storying your life

Family Therapy: a systems approach to finding answers for the whole family

Play Therapy: playing gives children a safe enjoyable place to work through their issues including painting, drawing and board games

Gestalt Therapy: looks at the here and now: what is happening in the present, emphasizing personal responsibility to initiate change

Person Centered Therapy: empowering the individual to find their own solutions

Mindfulness: how to live in the moment